Education Concept and Objectives

Educational Objectives

Learning program at MRUP is designed to have graduates who will

  • Comprehend the science, knowledge, and practice of planning, policy development and the management of regional and urban development;
  • Think comprehensively wit spatial framework in mind;
  • Be able to analyze and synthesize factual phenomena;
  • Have innovative mindset in problem solving; and

Integrate planning, policy, and development management.

Education Concept

MRUP education concept integrates direct-instructional learning with innovative-constructive learning models.


There are scholarships available for prospective student provided by national agencies like Bappenas, Ministry of Public Works, and Ministry of National Education. Further informaton regarding these scholarships can be obtained directly from the respective institutions.


Research at MRUP Diponegoro University is facilitated by four research groups (laboratories) under the Department of Regional and City Planning. The four research groups are as follow:

  • Laboratory of Geo-Informatics and Computing for Planning
  • Laboratory of Regional Development and Environmental Management
  • Laboratory of Urban Development
  • Laboratory of Urban Design

These groups provide scholarships and facilities to guide students who seek to conduct research and publications. Each laboratory consists of research staff and lecturers who are very competent in their field of study.