Sit In and Knowledge Enrichment Program in Urban Planning and Development

Several students of Masters of Regional and Urban Development (MRUD) UNDIP from the concentration of Urban and Regional Planning/URP (English program) held a visit to Seoul, South Korea with the program 'Sit In and Knowledge Enrichment Program in Urban Planning and Development' on 18th -23rd  August 2017,  supervised by several lecturers of MRUD-UNDIP.  Supported by World Class University (WCU) program of Diponegoro University with Prof. M.Djaeni, ST, M.Eng. of  WCU’s PIC as well as Vice Dean of 1 Faculty of Engineering UNDIP, this program is expected to further enhance cooperation between 2 universities, even 2 countries.

With a major agenda to visit Seoul National University, particularly the GSIS program, this visit had International Workshop in Urban and Regional Environments. With presentations from students of SNU, the workshop also had discussion sessions among both students of 2 universities, to gain insights and exchange ideas in the areas of Environment, Housing, Transportation Policy, International Development Cooperation and Community Development. In addition, by visit to Seoul City Hall, students also gain insight into the Vision and Development of the Seoul Metropolitan Area from Seoul Metropolitan Government. The visit to Seoul is complemented by field trips, both to the old downtown area and the new growth center in Gangnam area, also visit to Haneoul Park, the former landfill area, as the commemorated  the World Cup 17th in Seoul that can be used for sports activities including cycling or jogging tracks, as well as to view Seoul and Han River from this park.

Through this visit, a good understanding and even better cooperation will continue, as it has been initiated since several years ago. In addition, MRUD students gain knowledge directly from other countries that have been successful, in this case learn from the city of Seoul which has reached the city with 6th rank in the world.

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