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Several Activities MRUD Undip 2018

Join Course Master of Regional and Urban Development Diponegoro University-Technische Universität Berlin

Master of Regional and Urban Development (MRUD) Diponegoro University and the Technische Universität Berlin cooperating to study about urban regeneration in Semarang. This join course themed operationalizing sustainable and participatory development approach towards Semarang resilient. Semarang was selected as the area of observation/planning. Currently, Semarang has been a part of the 100 Resilient City (100RC), a program and a network of 100 cities in the world in improving the resilience of the city. The aim of this activity is to know about operationalizing sustainable and participatory development approach towards Semarang resilient and increase student competence to solve real problems about the development in the less developed area. The join course was held from 2nd to 9th December 2018 with 12 students from TU Berlin and 11 Undip students participating. The students were accompanied by Prof. Dr Felicitas Hillman from TU Berlin, Dr Wiwandari Handayani, ST., MT., MPS, Mada Sophianingrum, ST, MSc, MT, Bintang Septiarani, ST, MT from MRUD Undip.

The students and lecturers did various activities; public lecture; visited study area, they are Semarang Old City, Semarang Kampong (urban village), Semarang coastal area (Tambak Lorok-Tanjung Mas, Kemijen - Moro Demak, Textile Industry; FGD/interviews with local people; and student workshop. At the end of the join course activity, the participants made presentations on the results of the studies they had done at the workshop Final. In addition to studies, the participants also travelled to several tourist attractions around Semarang City, namely Bandungan, Banaran and Mangrove Coffee Villages. This join studio program has been going well and the aim of implementing this activity can be fulfilled.


Public Lecture Series Prof. Dr. Felicitas Hillman (Technische Universitat Berlin)-M. Luthfi Eko Nugroho (Bappeda Kota Semarang)

Monday, December 3rd, 2018 MRUD held a public lecture as part of the Public Lecture Series and also join course MRUD Undip-Technische Universität Berlin course. This public lecture speaker was Prof. Dr Felicitas Hillman from Technische Universitat Berlin and Mr M. Lutfi Eko Nugroho from Semarang City Regional planning agency (Bappeda). The public lecture was attended by lecturers, join course participants, and other students. This public lecture was given the theme "Learning from Planning System in Germany and Urban Resilience Implementation in Semarang" Prof. Dr Felicitas Hillman gave the presentation entitled Introduction to the German planning system - the challenges and potential of demographic change and migration in Germany ". In his presentation, Prof. Dr Felicitas Hillman said about the planning system in Germany and its challenges: how do demographic patterns including immigrants influence the implementation of existing planning systems, including the provision of an integrated housing for refugees.

Mr M. Luthfi Eko Nugroho took the theme "Urban Resilience Implementation in Semarang". Mr M. Lutfi Eko Nugroho explained about the profile of Semarang City, the background of the joining of Semarang City in 100 Resilient Cities, what are the phases that have been passed in realizing Semarang City as a strong city and linking vision and mission and Semarang City government work program in supporting Semarang Resilient City. On each presentation, the session was given the opportunity for participants to ask questions and discuss with the speakers. After the public lecture is finished, the event is closed


Public Lecture with The City Mayor of Magelang, Ir. H. Sigit Widyonindito, MT

On Friday, November 9th 2018, the MURP Diponegoro University held a public lecture with the City Mayor of Magelang, Mr. Ir. H. Sigit Widyonindito, MT. This event theme is “The of Development in Magelang City”. This event attended by lecturers and students of the Urban and Regional Planning Department.

The public lecture begins with singing Indonesia Raya song and continues with speeches. The first speech was delivered by the head of MPWK Study Program, Iwan Rudiato, ST, Msc, then arrested from the head of Urban and Regional Planning Department, Dr. Ir. Hadi Wahyono, MA and Deputy Dean III for Communication and Business, Faculty of Engineering, Dr. Ing, Asnawi, ST. After these speeches, Dr. Yudi Basuki, ST, MT as the moderator read the CV and introduced Mr. Ir. H. Sigit Widyonindito. In this public lecture, Mr. Sigit shared many experiences in pursuing a career. Starting from a Diploma graduate, he was a Class IIA Civil Servant (Golongan IIA PNS) while continuing his Bachelor studies, and then studied at the MURP Undip in 2003. Before being appointed as city mayor, he had served as a bureaucrat for 30 years and finally as head of the Public Works Official. In 2010 he was appointed as mayor of Magelang until now has entered the second period until the next 2021 years.

According to him, the essence of being a leader is to bring prosperity to the community and must be a visioner. This is evidenced by the results of his work in the Magelang City, such as the percentage of poor population in Magelang City from 2011-2017 has decreased, the regional income of 2013-2017 has always increased and the Magelang City also won several achievements. These achievements are Magelang as Smart City, Child Friendly City, Adipura Cup, and many more. In addition to sharing experiences, he also explained his dream to make Magelang City as "Singapore of Central Java". Even though Magelang City is relatively small (± 18.54 km2 in area), but all facilities are fulfilled. Based on his experience in his career, many of the lesson taught at MURP he received for decades ago still impresses and inspired him in his career. One basic science that always inspired him, namely SWOT analysis. It is evident that the simple analysis tool can bring a city better in the hands of a mayor who truly understands and uses the analysis. After Mr. Sigit gave public lecture, then followed by a question and answer session. Before the public lecture was completed, Mr. Iwan Rudiato, ST, MSc gave a memento to Mr. Ir. H. Sigit Widyonindito and closed with a group photo.

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