Director General of Spatial Planning

Public Lecture of Dr Ir. Abdul Marzuki, Director General of Spatial Planning 02

Public Lecture of Dr Ir. Abdul Marzuki, Director-General of Spatial Planning
The public lecture was held on Wednesday, February 19, 2020, at the Theater Room of the
Department of Regional and City Planning, Diponegoro University. The event with the theme
"Acceleration and Quality Improvement of Spatial Planning in Indonesia" was presented by the
Director-General of Spatial Planning, Ministry of Agrarian and Spatial Planning, namely Dr Ir. Abdul
Marzuki. The event was held for ± 2.5 hours.
Based on the presentation of Dr Ir. Abdul Marzuki, explained that there is now a web that
contains interactive RDTRs/Plan of Detailed Spatial Plan from several cities that can be accessed by
the public through the page On that page, we will be able to see the
types of building uses that are permitted in an area. To provide data transparency to the community
and forms of control over the area so that there will be no change in land use. All will be under the
established spatial planning. Spatial control is vital because the conflict between economic, physical
and social can cause many problems, such as floods. Spatial planning is the basis for regional
development and forms of control over the sustainability of investments to continue coming to
For this reason, Dr Ir. Abdul Marzuki asserted that every person engaged in Urban and Regional
Planning needs to be thoughtful in working on every planning product because all of the planning
products have significant legal implications. Then proceed with a little introduction about Geoplanner
by DJTR/General Directorate of Spatial Planning. Geoplanner itself is a web-based tool that does not
require a download process. This tool can speed up the analysis process, especially concerning
environmental carrying capacity calculations.

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