Diponegoro University held the field workshop expo

The Master of Regional and Urban Development Programme, Department of Urban and Regional Planning, Diponegoro University held the field workshop expo in 14th June 2017. This expo event has an aim to show the result of the work of Master Program Master of Urban and Regional Development and the Bachelor program of Urban and Regional Planning, particularly in subjects of Planning Studio and Field Study.

The expo event was held on the 1st floor of Building A of the Department of Urban and Regional Planning, DiponegoroUnivesity. This event is opened by the Head of Urban and Regional Planning Department, Dr. Ir. HadiWahyono, MA. There are two different themes in expo this year, "Acceleration of Development through Spatial Planning and Development of Sustainable Area Infrastructure in Wonogiri Regency" and "Urban Regeneration in Kemijen and Tambaklorok Semarang".

There are 5 booths in the expo activities held by the Department of Urban and Regional Planning. 4 booths are used by Master's Degree students of Urban and Regional Development, while 1 stand is used by undergraduate program of Urban and Regional Planning. The postgraduate students who attend this Expo consist of four different concentrations in Spatial Planning, Regional Development Planning, Urban Infrastructure Management, and Urban and Regional Planning Prior to doing this expo activity, students of Magister Program conducted Field Study activities by visiting North Sumatera, South Sumatra and Bali. The result of the fieldwork visit is implemented proportionally in WonogiriRegency and Semarang City. Also, undergraduate students visited to Bangkok, Thailand. Themes used are, among others, tourism, housing, culture, and transportation. The products exhibited in this expo are final report books, banners, videos and other products.

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