A Visiting Lecture With A Topic Of Smart and Resilient City – Diponegoro University

30 August 2017, Master Program of Regional and Urban Development (MPWK) Diponegoro University held a public lecture with the theme of Smart and Resilient City. In this public lecture there are two highly competent speakers in Resilient City, Sam Kernaghan as Director of the Asia-Pacific Association of Singapore and Kim Sung-Kyun, Ph.D. as Professor of Seoul National University. This public lecture was not only attended by MPWK students, undergraduate students, Diploma students and lecturers from the Department Urban and Regional Planning also attended this public lecture.

Started by the Chairman of the Department of Regional and City Planning, Dr. Ir. Hadi Wahyono, MA and remarks from the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering  Ir. M. Agung Wibowo, M.M., M.Sc., Ph.D. Following a public lecture with the first speaker Professor Kim Sung-Kyun, he recounted how to redevelop a railroad track that is no longer in use in Seoul City. The approach he uses is the sustainable development approach. In doing the redevelop Prof. Kim made the concept by mapping some zoning. The first zoning is zoning for the young community center, the second zoning is used for the university area and its center is K-pop, the third zoning is used for community and relaxation, and the last zoning is used for nature and ecology.
After Prof. Kim finished giving the material, then turn the second speaker that is Sam Kernaghan to give the material. Sam explained about the programs of cities in the world that apply the concept of resilient city, one of the cities that apply the concept of resilient city is the city of Medellin in Colombia. He explained how the city of medellin could grow rapidly after in 1988 the form of the city of Medellin City is very worse. Sam also explained how the framework of city resilience could change the city of Medellin. After the speakers finished giving a public lecture, the next session was a question and answer session moderated by Dr. Wiwandari. The public lecture concludes with a souvenir memorial session from the campus to the speakers

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